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Opportunities to create improve team performance and discretionary effort in the new world of work.

Jan 5, 2021 4:56:29 PM / by Paul Findlay

The world of work has shifted, let's seize the opportunity.

Every workplace has changed, however there are things in common, and things we all need as we move forward. The last 12-months has seen teams either grow or shrink, and most people working from home much more than they used to, the number of completely virtual teams has increased.

While the new balance of WFH and office time has benefits - even reducing the world's carbon footprint - however the time it takes to go through the team development process (forming, storming, norming, performing) is impacted in many ways because per we lose the a large amount of the social, emotional and contextual learning about each other when we are not physically present as often. 

So we will seize opportunities that come along with the change such as flexibility, time saved commuting, reduced transport costs, reduced carbon footprint, a larger talent pool to hire from, and reduced office sizes and overheads. These are all logistical and physical outcomes of the changes, the question is how do we use tech based solutions to achieve the following? 

The 3 top workforce opportunities to seize in the new normal:

  1. When building (or rebuilding) teams shorten the time from "joining" to "contributing"
    All in the context of "Welcome to the team :) that you have never met!" 
    • Improved collaboration
    • Improved decision making
    • Increased value of diversity
    • Improved strengths-based management
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  2. Train & Coach for performance & stop spending money on training that can't be measured.

    As the CEO or Head of Learning in 2021 use the best data-led approaches so you can answer the burning questions:
    • What are our learning priorities?
    • How do I know?
    • Is our training and coaching achieving outcomes - is it working?
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  3. Increase discretionary effort with more engaged teams.
    With less oversight it's more important to have engaged teams that you can trust to  give discretionary effort, in the new normal you can achieve this with:
    • Improved online leader-led collaboration
    • Overtly embracing and leveraging diversity
    • Providing learning that is meaningful to the individual
    • Improve coaching relationships
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Paul Findlay

Written by Paul Findlay

Paul is CEO of the OrgDev Institute and has been a leader for 20 years, and supporting leadership development, culture improvement and improving sales team performance for the last 20 years of his career.