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October 2021:

  • Improved: API's and Zaps updated for easier and faster sharing of data between REACH and your systems
  • Improved: Custom Question Types in Culture Surveys updated
  • Improved: Chart Builder updated for pulse survey responses
  • Improved: People P&L updated for Pulse Surveys

September 2021:

  • Improved: Customer dashboard
  • New: Batch send reports and personal growth dashboards
  • Improved: Partner Portal navigation and minor fixes
  • Updated: Change Management courseware and Microlearning

August 2021:

  • Updated: Recommendation engine TNA and competency mapping with new courses and skills
  • Updated: Global account management
  • Improved: General performance optimisation 
  • Improved: Dashboard UI, menu, wording, etc

July 2021:

  • Improved: eLearning integration and SSO
  • Updated: Account Management and performance enhancement for high volume
  • Improved: Security and data protection 
  • Course updates and proofing

June 2021:

  • Improved: Survey Form User Experience
  • New: Courses added
  • Improved: SSO
  • New: eLearning courses added
  • New: Batch Copy Participants feature

May 2021:

  • New: Global Benchmarking added
  • Improved: UI
  • New: Courses added
  • New: Pulse Survey added
  • New: eLearning courses added

April 2021:

  • New: People P&L added
  • New: Batch send reports
  • New: Pulse Survey added
  • New: eLearning courses added

March 2021:

  • New: Copy People feature
  • Improved: Training Needs Analysis
  • Improved: Search and navigation
  • Improved: Public Website

March 2021:

  • New: Export Data feature
  • Improved: API's
  • Improved: Individual and Team Report Templates
  • Improved: Custom Questions Feature

February 2021:

  • New: Custom Questions Feature
  • Improved: Navigation and Menu
  • Improved: Integrations with Stripe and Thinkific
  • Improved: Performance and minor bug fixes

January 2021:

  • Updates: Partner dashboard and subscriber dashboard
  • Improved: Training Needs Analysis
  • New: Participant Dashboard
  • Improved: Performance and minor bug fixes